2753c7c1e91b2afa07508509372e376a_thumb200_200The education sector is one of the most important and widest areas served by UNRWA in Syria. According to statistics of 31/12/2002 the number of schools managed and sponsored by UNRWA in Syria was 113 primary and middle schools, with the number of pupils registered for the academic year 2001/2002 64,258 pupils, 48.9% of whom are female.

1047992091_075d045838Using American 20 thousand dollars of American funding, UNRWA has opened the first information technology centre for Palestinian refugees in Hims. The centre houses a library and a computer lab equipped with 25 computers. Three speeches were delivered during the inauguration ceremony. The first was by Ms Angela Williams, director of UNRWA affairs in Syria, who noted that this was the first centre in Syria to be supplied with a computer lab, stressing the importance of introducing information technology throughout the various levels of the educational system and pointing to the Agency’s efforts to equip 115 schools in Syria with an adequate supply of computers.

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Palestinian refugees in Syria

Sherifa Shafie

Ramadan is a holy month but this year it'll be a black month," says Ahmed Hassan Makdad queuing at the UN food distribution centre in Gaza's biggest refugee camp.

The U.N. Commissioner for Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees has pleaded with the international community for badly needed assistance.

Nora Amod will not play in the alleyways of Shati Camp tonight. The shelling is constant and, although she knows that it is further away than it sounds, the eleven year old will instead spend the evening at her mother’s side, terrified. She refuses to go anywhere alone.